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    Default 6/29 Crabbing

    Decided to do something a little different this week. Launched out from Chesapeake Beach around 11am and headed east toward Sharps Point LH. Took some pictures at the lighthouse since it was our first time out in the area then headed towards the Choptank. My plan initially was to fish the Diamonds for a bit before heading shallow for crabs but the waves and winds changed my plan and so we headed straight for cover. We anchored in around 3 ft of water at high tide. While the kids played on the water threw out some bloodworms to see what was biting. Caught 1 giant spot which went into the livewell for later, but all the other worms were taken off the hooks without a nibble. A sure sign there were crabs. I set out some traps some with chicken some with bunker. within about 30 minutes I had my first crab. From then on we were catching them about one every 15-30 minutes for a few hours. At about 3 the bite died and we decided to head back. During that time we managed to catch a colossal 9" male blue crab which my daughter received a DNR citation for.

    I'm still looking for the fish around mid bay out of Chesapeake Beach. If anyone has any advice on where to look I would appreciate it.

    Tight lines


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    great family day!

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    That’s a big crab!

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