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    About 35 years ago I asked a petrochemical engineer about Octane and which gas I should put in my truck.
    His answer was all gas is the same. Octane is a number that represents the amount of compression without ignition. He explained that they add chemicals that make the gas basically less flammable so it won’t ignite prematurely (pre-ignition).
    Higher octane = less gas and more additives.
    His recommendation was run the lowest octane I can without pre-ignition.
    BTW pre-ignition is when the fuel ignites before the spark plug fires. Sometimes if you turn off your car or truck and it keeps running that is pre-ignition.

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    I keep my tank full, use Stabil and Startron and installed a 10 micron fuel / water seperator on the transom. No issues........ Gary

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    royal farms in Denton, im sure, and possibly Federalsburg's Ro Fo has ethanol free , I thinks it round 89 octane

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