Fishing Report Eeling for Stripers

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    Default Eeling for Stripers

    Wasn't quite as easy as in past trips, however, the 4 of us managed to get our limit. Nice healthy, strong fighting fish went into the cooler followed by larger and healthier specimens that were released without removing them from the water. Targeted area was various lumps east & south of Pooles Island. No other boats in sight until very late afternoon. I guess some fishermen have to report to work in spite of this virus situation.

    Circle hooks were used and every fish was lip hooked. No fish that was released left the water and all swam away strongly.
    We'll catch them again!

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    Thanks for the report, and good work on the circle hooks and leaving the fish in the water! Glad yall got into them

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    I hit that area a few weeks ago and only managed a catfish on a bass assassin. It sounds like they like live bait.
    Thanks for the report..

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    Don't worry, you'll have plenty of boats to keep you company next time. I've been out there when all hell would break loose and they would shut down like a switch was turned off and you wouldn't believe there was a fish for miles. Sometimes there will be a 20 minute bite all day long. You just have to be there the right 20 minutes.
    Fishing can be anything you want it to be

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    Sounds like a great day. Have you talked to Tom lately. Been a long time since I have talked to him..

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