Fishing Report Delay of game but still fun day 7/29

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    Default Delay of game but still fun day 7/29

    Left my house this morning at 6:25 am. Plan was to top off boat fuel tank and head to Sandy Point. Got to station at 6:30 but it was not open , even though it should be. Got boat lined up with pump and waited - 6:45 am the clerk arrived to open up. Apologized for being late. Put in 140 gallons of the golden juice and headed off to Sandy Point.

    Got onto I 97 from 32 and traffic was stopped. It was stop and go for about 2 miles - someone had wrecked into median guard rail.

    Once past the accident - traffic picked back up to 65 MPH. My diesel was not liking the muggy humid air - can feel a difference. Finally got to Sandy Point about 7:45 - surprised to see only about 10 trailers there.

    Ran out on calm seas headed east - light breeze on east side. Found Spot and Perch but all were small. Kept about 10 of the small Spot. Went looking for Perch as the outgoing current was running fast. Figured I'd try for Rock when current slowed down around 11:00.

    Found better Perch and they loved Spot fillet strips. Cool addition was about 6 big Spot 7-8 inchers. With one Rock limit - I try for a nice one with big Spot.

    Current was slowing so I ran north and found Rock in 30 feet. The big Spot got hit but circle hook fouled over. Second time the Rock got hooked - nice 26 incher in cooler.

    Current was moving but barely so I ran to some oyster bottom in 23 feet. One other boat was fishing - I set anchor about 600 feet north of him. Had a steady bite of Perch but most were 8-9 inchers. I prefer over 10 inch Perch - it was about 15 to 1 ratio but I was having fun with double headers. Few Croaker mixed in.

    Noticed a 35-40 foot cruiser coming up from south - sure as shit the guy went between the only two boats for about a mile north or south. The small CC really got waked - my boat rode it fine ( full fuel tank helped ). No idea why the larger boat did this because shortly afterwards he changed course.

    Current slowed and that was about it for the bite - Toadfish confirming it. Ran back on a flat bay - heat really hit when at the ramp. Got home and cleaned the fish - keeping fillets in cooler as I cleaned the fish.

    Hope to get out tomorrow - without all the delays.
    They say that life's a carousel - spinning fast, you've got to ride it well.

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    I don't fish any more due to health problems but always look forward to reading your reports everyday. Makes me feel like I'm right in the boat with you. Thanks Skip.

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    Another great day on the water and another great report. Thanks Skip.


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    I hate asses that go barreling at full speed next to guys who are anchored. I usually slow down to less than a troll when approaching an anchoring spot with other boats or go way around.

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