Fishing Report Bass Fishing. I messed up. 8/2/20

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    Default Bass Fishing. I messed up. 8/2/20

    This morning I took five of the best pictures of five good size bass I caught with the 7" Grape Worm. I couldn't get them to show up on the computer so I could put in my records/album, and post them on a report. I started to try different things and I deleted all the pictures. I caught five good ones. OH Well! Maybe I will go back and try to get five more good ones tomorrow.

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    C'mon Andy- That reminds me of a double amputee's dilemma= said he could never figure out his mistakes...said he couldn't quite get his hands on it!!


    I had a 1 fish day on Friday after 8 well traveled boat hours...guess I couldn't quite get my hands on WHY! One 11" crappie on artificial.

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