Fishing Report 10-17-20 Double Report

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    Default 10-17-20 Double Report

    Started on another nice crisp morning to the fishing grounds and found the bite slower than before. Tide turned around and thought it would get better but it got worse. Still had plenty of eaters in the livewell so packed up and ran to find bigger cats. Found them in about 8 feet of water and had blast with them.

    Great day till the wind kicked up right at the end of our day.

    Capt Mike

    The pre-tide turn action was pretty decent and we only moved a little after the tide turn, eaters here and there. Capt Mike radioed to say he wanted to go for some bigger fish. I followed and he gave me his spot from Wednesday, his plan was the VA side. He stayed on the MD side and my spot wasn't producing. He radioed to say he was into big fish and come on over, We already had half a cooler and it was game on now.

    Look at the size of this head!

    The weather couldn't have been better and the fish couldn't have cooperated better.

    Capt Dave

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    I’ve noticed the Blue Cats tend to be a little sensitive to the high pressure system.

    Still some good looking fish.

    I’ve been carp fishing, yes carp, and the bite Sat AM was definitely off from where it was the prior few days.

    I think this year should be good for the cats with low water flows and the salt hopefully pushing them back up where they belong.


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