Fishing Report Short Sunday trip - Sandy Point

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    Default Short Sunday trip - Sandy Point

    Wanted to drive new truck with trailer - had few hours on Sunday. Really nice tow vehicle - cruising at 70 mph on I 97 like nothing. Got to Sandy Point about noon - realized my dock line was in old truck. Luckily plenty of lines in the cabin.

    Launched and realized I had left spare winch cable in old truck too. I did put tool boxes and jacks in new truck.

    Tide was high but incoming - flood tide due to near full moon. Ran out to eastern rockpile - figured Rock should be there. Only one boat - I looked around for about 15 minutes but never saw anything good.

    With 4 pm park closing time ( Xmas lights ) - I decided to run south to #86 , often good area about now. Running south at 28 knots over a one foot chop - turned radar on to see if I could see birds or groups of boats.

    Noticed a blip tight off my stern - the boat that was at rockpile was following tight - in smooth water of my wake.

    Ran past #86 since not much on meter and saw a fleet near 84A. Slowed at mouth of Eastern Bay - short of fleet. Fishing solo - did not want to play bumper boats. Fish were on meter but down 35 to 50 feet in 80 feet of water. Put out downrigger umbrella with 55 feet of cable.

    Set a 16 oz in line with bucktail back 150 feet and it got hit right away. Frisky 19 1/2 incher - I let go since still had two other rods to put out. Fish were tough - no more hits for about 90 minutes.

    Zig zagged north towards 86 - watching birds starting to gather. Had to watch for deep water pots.

    Bay was getting calm - hard to believe forecast of 25 knots in about 12 hours.

    Pulled lines near 86 as birds were starting to dive. Few other boats raced to them - I came in slow watching meter. Lot of fish well before the melee - jigging up 12 to 17 inchers. Cussed myself releasing first keeper - had two on that felt better.

    Fished until about 3:15 - then ran back to ramp. Coming in the no wake zone - I see a jet ski with three adults heading out. Water in bay is 53*. I took quick photo - crazy. No wet / dry suits on - just regular clothing.

    Put boat on trailer and headed home. Getting feel for new truck - lot more torgue and much more quiet than my 2001.
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    Nothing like cooperative weather this time of the year.

    Jet ski, no wetsuits? You can’t fix stupid!!


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    Thanks for the report Skip. Glad to hear that you found them. The guys on the jet ski are begging for trouble.

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    nice report,,

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