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    Default Free fishing book downloads

    Free Fishing Book Downloads

    During the past seven years, I wrote four books – 3 on fishing and 1 on travel experiences. Authors may publish books for various reasons: (a) it is rewarding to see your name on the cover of a published book, (b) you might make some money selling book copies, and (c) it is an opportunity to share your knowledge and thoughts to many other people. I certainly have enjoyed (a) and think I did a decent job on (c). But apparently, I am not very good at (b) - I stink at marketing sales of my books. I joke that my books have made the NY Times Worst Seller List.

    2020 has been a strange and often difficult year for many people. In the spirit of the Christmas season and Giving Tuesday, I decided to do something to brighten things up just a little bit for my friends in the fishing community and elsewhere. Beginning today and running through Dec 25, all four of my books can be downloaded for free as .pdf files. After that I plan to take down the active link. Go to [COLOR=var(--blue-link)] You should see icons for each of the books. Right click on the icon and select Download. [/COLOR]

    2020-01-01 20-18-31.JPG

    Here are short summaries of the four books. All four are “G” rated and suitable for any reader.

    1) “Fishing in the Comfort Zone”, 2016. This is my first fishing book and is the one that is really a how-to book.

    2) “Fishing Road Trip – 2019”, 2019. I made a 17-day driving trip to Florida in Feb 2019 to fish my way around south Florida. This book describes day-to-day where I was, what I saw, and the fishing experiences.

    3) “My Fishing Life: Two Years to Remember”. 2020. I had some remarkable fishing experiences in 2012 and in 2019. This describes the many fish I caught with some fun stories about how I fished and where I was.

    4) “Adventures on the Lecture Tour”, 2014. I served two separate years as a Distinguished Lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers. They sent me around the country and the world to give lectures. Although this title may sound dull, here is the opening paragraph: “Surviving a high-speed car crash, sleeping in an airport in a country unfriendly to the United States, eating llama meat and cod tongues, driving an hour on snowy roads at 3:00 am to get to a remote Russian airport, stopping the car for goat herders in the Andes to clear the road – those things sound like they are plot features in a fictional adventure story or movie. But all of these are experiences I have had as a traveling lecturer – life on the lecture circuit is not always stuffy and boring after all. This book describes some of the remarkable adventures and great experiences I have had while traveling.”

    While these downloads are free, if you would like to have a signed hard copy of the book for a gift or to augment your reading shelf, please contact me for purchase details.

    If you decide to download the books, let me know if you have any comments on them. Also, if you experience issues with downloading, let me know. My email address is [email protected].

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    Down loaded them. Thanks!

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    Thanks John. I just sent you an email about getting one of the hard copies.


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    Very nice of you. Winter is great time for reading.
    They say that life's a carousel - spinning fast, you've got to ride it well.

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