Question Renting Fishing Boat in CUDJOE Key
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    Default Renting Fishing Boat in CUDJOE Key

    I rented a place in Cudjoe Key for the month of January to do some fishing, but for some reason no one will rent me a boat because Im staying in Cudjoe bay, Is the bay that shallow that you can not navigate with a 22' center console?

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    Sorry about the late response. Shallow water is no doubt why they won't rent. The gulf side is a minefield and 22 feet is way too much. For a lot less than a month you could probably buy something that would work. I use an 11 foot aluminum skiff with 3hp which is probably underdoing it but I get out to the gulf edge and beyond (I'm not in a hurry). A passable launch that will quickly get you into fish is at the balloon base or at least used to be. Hand carried boat is best. The ocean side has its own problems - winter winds.

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