Did OK on Thursday and weather looked decent for Friday so ran out for few hours. Got to Sandy Point about 10:00 and saw two other trailers - both looked like 12 -15 foot boats. I cringed as wind was from ESE about 10-15. Slight chop was nothing for me but could be tough in smaller boat.

Running out - I never saw either boat. Current was just starting out and found few fish in 55 feet.

It was tricky to get boat over the fish with wind at a 45* angle to current. Got set up close - only bad part I had to fish on the windy ( chilly ) side of boat. Wind made it tough to feel the lure so I kept rod tip real low and watched line at water surface.

This time of year a lot of hits will be a slight - tick. Very easy to miss it and wind really can make it even harder to feel. First fish was just there. No hit - just weight on line. Felt odd reeling in - surprised to see a White Perch about 8 inches snagged under gill plate. No idea if it went after lure or just got snagged by jighead. I do not jig very hard but now / then will snag a fish often in vent hole.

Next fish hit with a harder TICK. Nice being able to feel it even with breeze. Set hook and fought a frisky 22 inch Rock for release at boat.

It was a slow bite - tried few different colors but white seemed best. Managed to get 8 Rock landed and missed double that many. Sometimes I think same fish will hit a few times - but no way to know for sure.

Had weather radio on the VHF and heard of 22 MPG gusts in Westminister. Wind shifted slightly about 1:30 - then began to blow. Current was slowing and bite stopped so decided to run back in.

At ramp both trailers were gone - my truck only one there. Leaving park had to stop to let deer wander across road.

Driving home the wind really picked up and sky got dark - glad I left early.