Fishing tackle backpack
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    Exclamation Fishing tackle backpack

    Does anyone have one or used one? How many boxes does it hold, soft plastics bags, various storage?

    I have a cloth Spiderwire tackle bag I got as a gift and used it for years but i need more space and the idea of a backpack sounds amazing to me. I don't think it would bother me to keep it on and fish. I was in the Army and rucked a 50lb pack around for 15 miles at a time while carrying my M16, so I can handle wearing it all day fishing.

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    I've tried a few of the mid-tier fishing backpacks and didn't like any of them. The front opening Plano storage was always too tight and short, so you would have to pull out a bottom box to get the top one out. In fairness, I never tried the Wild River ones because spending $130+ seemed a little excessive. Also, I didn't like that they were all made for Plano 3600's because I use 3700's exclusively for my boat bags and personally find them to be more versatile than 3600's.

    My favorite bag is the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack in the regular size. I like the way everything opens from the top. When my bag is on the ground, I'm looking down into it, instead of having to hold up the bag or have it on its back to get to the front opening stuff. It'll fit two 3700's or three 3600's with a couple 3400's on top in the main compartment. The middle compartment fits one 3600, plus extra space for a 3500, plastics, or up to five 3400s.
    My personal layout is two 3700s in the main, a 3600 and four 3400s in the middle for hooks and specialized tackle, then plastics in the two outside pouches. I had previously added a couple MOLLE pouches, but I found that to be overkill as I never needed that much tackle diversity in the places I shore fish. The KISS method is no joke, haha. Having the sternum and belt straps is also nice for when you've got a long trek to your spot or want to move quickly between spots. Having a sliding, bouncing bag on your back can get annoying, especially when having to duck around low hanging limbs.

    I was able to snag one off Amazon for $26 a few years ago, so that was a deal. If I had to buy one now, I wouldn't balk at having to pay more. It's taken some abuse and handled it well. Good luck!

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