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  1. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    Put in at Sandy Point at 7 am this morning (wednesday November 21). Ran to the eastern channel north of the bay bridge and set an 8 rod spread w/combo of umbrella and tandem rigs. Trolled south doing a zig zag across the channel. Lots of good marks on the sonar most were in deeper water...
  2. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    Aaaah,,,finally the rain stopped (after a month) so we put the boat in at sandy point on Wednesday 10/5 at about 7 am. Ran out and tried jigging the legs of the bridge and the rock piles to no avail. Frustrated around noon we ran about 3 miles south on the eastern edge of the bay, turned north...
  3. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    Saw a couple weeks ago catfish were hot off the mouth of the Magothy. Anybody have any luck recently? How about closer to BB? Thanks all.
  4. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    Bay Bridge Striper - This Guy Catches (July 10, 2011) Redfish and I fished Bay Bridge, MD for striper on July 10th. I started to fish hours before Redfish arrived. While waiting for Redfish, I caught 4 big spot and a small white perch on Fish-Bites. Later I gave up live-lining because I thought...
  5. Kayak Fishing Anglers
    Fished Saturday morning from 6 am - 11:45 am at the Bay Bridge. Launched from the east side and started looking for spot at the shallow pilings. They were everywhere! I was using night crawlers that I had left over from a fishing trip with my nephew and fish bites, but it didn't matter, they...
1-5 of 5 Results