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  1. Fishing Tackle
    Reel: I got a Penn 550 SS spinning reel that I'd like to clean up and fit onto a new rod. The reel - classic gold and black, on the heavier side - has been attached to a 5' freshwater rod (looking hopelessly mismatched) gathering dust in storage for at least the past decade. It's 25ish years...
  2. Boat and Motor Talk
    I have a 28 foot Wellcraft Express Cruiser (1997). I got it dirt cheap because it had been sitting. I know the bilge needs cleaning, who know when it was last. It the best way really to pour a bunch of Simple Green down there and go for a ride? It seems silly, but I feel like I should be...
  3. Virginia Angler
    Coastline Detailing Specializing in Boats Above & Below the Waterline We also detail RV's, Airplanes, Motorcycles, and Automobiles We'll handle the dirty work so you don't have too....... $150.00 Fall & Winter...
1-3 of 3 Results