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  1. Delaware Fishing
    Hello! I got stationed near the Indian river for work and would like to target a striper or snakehead while I’m here. I got a combo and tossed some jigs and plastics all day yesterday at the inlet. Does anyone want to fish with me? I’m trying to learn new tactics or spots so I can get a fish...
  2. Delaware Fishing
    Martha Marie Charters,Lewes, Delaware. Half-day trip Striper 11/27 thanksgiving day 6am-12 noon. $80/per angler. Must call ahead to reserve a spot. Capt. Les Clemmmer 302-222-5471.Martha Marie Fishing Charters - sport fishing boat charters in Lewes, Delaware
  3. Fly Fishing Anglers
    I will be fishing at Indian Head Inlet in Delaware with a friend this weekend. Neither of us have ever fished here before and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions as to rod weight , lines and flies to use.
1-3 of 3 Results