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  1. Virginia Angler
    It was blowing way to much (20+) to go fishing in my boat but had heard that they Black and Red Drum were here, had my partner and his son itching to go so got a few crabs and hard clams and away we went...As we went through the inlet we saw a few hardy souls outside the breakers trying for Reds...
  2. Virginia Angler
    Watched the sun come up over the Smith Island this am and although I kept my jacket on as it was still a bit nippy I had hopes that a flat fish or two would be interested in my minnows...by seven am I had my 4 two 19",1 20" and 1 21", proceeded to tag 8 more fish including an 18"...then the...
  3. Virginia Angler
    What to take my kids fishing for some large stripers. I heard the eastern shore is the place to go. Are they still biting eels?
  4. Virginia Angler
    We put our boat in at the Oyster town ramp around 11:00 Friday morning and left our vehicle and trailer while we took the boat out for the day. We returned from a fun day on the water around 5:00 PM, loaded the boat back onto the trailer and left. We made it about 10 miles when all of the sudden...
  5. Virginia Angler
    June 5th - Fishermen's Island. Kendall and I planned to take advantage of the low winds and hot weather to do an afternoon and evening drum hunt. We spent the morning getting clams and crabs and loading up and still managed to be one of the first boats to anchor up. After a slow start with...
1-5 of 5 Results