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  1. International Offshore Angler
    Guatemala Fishing Report Jan 10th 2011 You would think that if the spring were eternal, it would have already arrived - but the weather (as in the USA for the last month or so) can be extremely fickle. Over the Xmas period, there was a continuing pattern of low pressure that caused some turmoil...
  2. International Offshore Angler
    The fishing in Guatemala is rapidly heating up - along with the water temperatures and the weather. After a long, seemingly never-ending wet season this year, the clouds have finally parted and the sun has been shining through for the last few weeks. The much more stable weather pattern has...
  3. International Offshore Angler
    Rock'n Roll First it rocked, then it rolled and finally it really rocked……………… Today there was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Guatemala just South of the Marina towards El Salvador. All of our boats were out fishing at the time - which is probably about the...
1-3 of 3 Results