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  1. Virginia Angler
    Hey TF'ers, I have been doing a lot of spec fishing in the Elizabeth River lately, however, I can't seem to make it out there before 4:30-5 PM due to work..Overall, during the time I get out there to about sunset I have had a lot of luck trolling in and out of the ditch using jig heads and gulp...
  2. Virginia Angler
    I am new to this forum but wanted to contribute. I have fished the 64 high rise bridge area of the hot ditch 5 times in the last week or so. Still lots of small specs under limit and every third or fourth fish is 18-22 inches or so... Had one monster on that I lost at the boat in the 7-10lb...
  3. Virginia Angler
    It was nice to meet you on Dec 31 in Hot Ditch. Since I am an upper bay fisherman, this is my first post on VA sub forum. I used to write detailed fishing log. But last few years I have been making short video fishing logs instead. Here is the video fishing log on Dec 31...
1-3 of 3 Results