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  1. Crabbers
    LCC Maryland Commercial Crab License for Lease. 50 pots, w/ females, unlimited trotline, no violations or restrictions. NO HOLDS, Cash-Venmo or PayPal Only. Leasee has first rights to following seasons and if the license goes up for sale. New Crab Pots available as well. Aggressively Priced.
  2. Crabbers
    I own a valid LCC Commerical 50 pot w/ females and no violations, license. I will not be able to use the license this season. I would like to possibly lease the license. Couple of questions: 1.) What is the process besides exchanging money and going to the DNR together? 2.) Should I have a...
  3. Buy Sell Trade
    I am selling my currently Active MD Limited Crab Catcher License along with remaining gear which is good for unlimited trotline, 50 pots, no restrictions and the ability to catch and keep female crabs.
1-3 of 3 Results