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  1. Virginia Angler
    Fished yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours. No birds at all, but caught lots of 18-22 inch schoolies casting 5 inch crank baits around drop offs and oyster beds. Check my website www.breathinglifetv.com for lots of info on rockfish
  2. Northern Neck Virginia Angler
    Had fun catching upwards of 75 rockfish and blues over the weekend. Kept some 19-21 inchers. All on crankbaits and jigs. Some nice blues mixed in. Glad to see a lot of fish in the middle bay....hoping for the big ones next month.... www.BreathingLifeTV.com Dave
  3. Virginia Angler
    Nice to see large numbers of fish in the middle bay area. Caught a lot of schoolies and blues this weekend on crankbaits and jigs.........lots of fun and good pan size. www.breathinglifetv.com Dave
  4. Virginia Angler
    Set your DVRs to catch the one hour film on Striped Bass Fishing on WHRO - PBS Norfolk/Hampton/Tidewater Virginia Also available on www.BreathingLifeTV.com Enjoy......this will get you in the mood for Rockfishing !!! Thanks, Dave Miller Producer
  5. Virginia Angler
    Stripers: The Quest for the Bite will be on tonight at 9 p.m. on PBS in Richmond and Charlottesville.......will air in Hampton Roads area October 5 at 6 p.m. More info at www.breathinglifetv.com Dave Hope you can catch it.
  6. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    Dont miss Stripers tonight on WCVE - 23 Richmond and WHJT - Charlottesville...... For more info www.breathinglifetv.com
  7. North Carolina Fishing
    NEw one hour documentary features biologists from the NC div. of fisheries, USFWS, and ASMFC and charter and recreational captains doing chumming, live baiting, and trolling for stripers. check out some clips on www.breathinglifetv.com
  8. Conservation & Policy
    Film just completed in 2014 on the Striped Bass culture and stocks. One hour long featuring charter captains and marine biologists. All types of fishing and tournaments. check out some clips on www.breathinglifetv.com
  9. Mid Atlantic Offshore Angler
    Check my website on the bay and fishing: www.breathinglifetv.com. Couple of recent films on striped bass fishing and oysters/boats/watermen.
  10. Virginia Angler
    Guy fishing next to me yesterday morning had a crew of five onboard and was tearing up some schoolie sized stripers while I was casting my butt off and getting nada. They were fishing Carolina rigs with a live bait. Bait was small, about 3-4 inches long, silvery, somewhat flat and football...
  11. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    Departed from Chesapeake Beach around 6:30am to load up on Spot around the point for LL'ing and did so successfully until around 8:30-9am or so when the storm made its way to us so we decided to head back in and let it pass ... it caught up with us FAST though and we had to sit through it since...
  12. Rigging Message Board
    Hello! This is my first post here and I need some help. I'm interested in learning the ropes of the specialized technique of fishing a live bait rig with two rods at the same time. I want to use this when pier fishing. One rod is used to cast out a heavy sinker, presumably as far out as you can...
1-12 of 12 Results