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  1. Fly Fishing Anglers
    Winter Bull Redfish season is in full swing here in Hopedale, Louisiana with cool temps and crystal clear water! Hurricane Issac back in August really played it's part in rejuvenating the nutrient rich waters of the Biloxi Marsh. The storm surge pulls great amounts of surface silts and mud off...
  2. Fly Fishing Anglers
    An awesome day on the water of the Biloxi Marsh in Louisiana! We had schools of Bull Redfish as well as Jack's pushing banks and aggressively feeding all day. This time of year the Louisiana Redfish group up into massive schools in a pre spawn ritual. When the fish are grouped up like this...
  3. Fly Fishing Anglers
    Southeastern Louisiana has been blessed this week with it's first significant Cold Front. Temps in the lower 60's overnight and not breaking 75 during the day, in turn cooling the water's of the surrounding Marsh. This cooling in water temps clears the marsh water from the summer warm temps...
1-3 of 3 Results