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  1. Mid Atlantic Offshore Angler
    Here is a video I put together of a few trips aboard Talkin Trash Sportfishing fishing out of OBX this winter. In addition to yellowfin, also caught were some blackfin tuna and a few mako releases. Here is the video link. Enjoy.
  2. North Carolina Fishing
    All - We plan to be in OBX 4/13 through 4/16 for offshore fishing and are looking for commercial charter recommendations (too early to get boats ready). We have full flexibility to go out of HI or OI, or a mix, depending on which fishery gets hotter. The trip is 4 men only. Being Easter...
  3. Mid Atlantic Offshore Angler
    Anybody going down to OBX 8/5-8/10 looking for someone experienced at bottom/wreck and offshore? I'll chip for fuel, work the deck, and help clean the boat.
1-3 of 3 Results