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  1. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    After seeing the report of fish in the Patuxent yesterday, a buddy and I decided to run down to Benedict from Annapolis to give it a shot. It was my first time at the public ramp there, and I found it unusable. The whole ramp was filled with sand, a couple of 4wd trucks launched ahead of me...
  2. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    I made it out for a couple hours of fishing today. Sandy Point's ramps were about half clear of ice. The ramps closest to the marina store were still blocked in, but the other half was free.
  3. Northern Neck Virginia Angler
    Hey all, I'm trying to find a good ramp in the lower potomac, I have used Tall Timbers but I'm looking for something a little farther south. Someone recently suggested Dennis Marina but haven't tried that one yet. I would rather not drive all the way down to Point Lookout unless I have to due...
1-3 of 3 Results