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  1. Virginia Angler
    Coming home from school on Thursday and plan on taking the boat out from Gwynn's island b/c it looks like the weather should be nice. Anyone have any luck with stripers out on the rappahannock near the white stone bridge? I can't decide if i want to spend the day fishing for them or just have a...
  2. Northern Neck Virginia Angler
    Debating on whether it is worth coming down mid-morning on Sunday to chase Striper in the Rapp and between R1-R2 in the afternoon on Sunday. Is it worth chasing the afternoon bite or if you can't make it by first light just just wait until you can? This is not necessarily a Sunday only...
  3. Northern Neck Virginia Angler
    Hello everyone, I am new to fishing the Rapp. and have a kayak. Any tips on places to put in and good spots between Tappahannock and points south? We are going to fish around the 360 bridge tomorrow. Any tips for fishing there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Virginia Angler
    Hey folks! I see a lot of boats on the northeast end of the White Stone bridge over the Rapp. They look like they're fishing. Is that a good place to fish? We're vacationing on Carter's Creek, so we could run down there if it is worth it. I didn't know if it's any better than any other...
  5. Northern Neck Virginia Angler
    I didn't get a chance to go fishing on Saturday (6/11) before the storms blew threw but I was on the water at about 0630 on Sunday morning (6/12). I fished in front of the old oyster house on the Lancaster side of the river between #8 & #10 in about 20' to 25'. I was using cut squid and peeler...
  6. Northern Neck Virginia Angler
    I took the boat out for her final "Shakedown Cruise" on Saturday and all systems are "GO!" I decided to fish for a while to see if I couldn't catch something for supper and again... All systems are "GO!" I fished just above Greenvale Creek at the edge where it drops off to about 30' and I...
  7. Northern Neck Virginia Angler
    looking for some catfish holes on the rappahannock up river from 360 bridge around jone's creek area
1-7 of 7 Results