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  1. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    We had the boat in the water at Somer's Cove Marina by 8am about midway through the falling tide. Winds all day were nearly non-existent and the water was like glass, a great day for my little 18' bow rider. First we tried the channel that cuts into the back side of Jane's Island with no luck...
  2. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    Trolled around a lot of birds on Sunday morning, caught a significant amount of Blues and Rock, all were non keepers (small), and were released. Position was 3/4 mile SE of Ship. Fished around the pints of Southmarsh during flood tide, great current movement was seen, however was unsuccessful...
  3. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    All, The DC Metro MSSA chapter will meet Wednesday April 6 @ 7:30pm. Captain Greg Buckner will be our guest speaker and the topic is Trolling for Spring Trophy Rockfish. Greg is a well known charter captain sailing out of Solomon's Island, and VA Beach. We have a chapter charter scheduled...
  4. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    Planning on heading out in the sound off of Deal Island this weekend. I know they are catching good size ones across the bay at Solomons, but wondering if anyone has hit any recently in the Sound. Thanks Bill
  5. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    I really envy everyone else who has a boat but for me ... it's pierfishin' or nothin' most of the time. I went out Monday 9/27 to Matapeake with some FBBW to catch a few spot to last me a few hours for cutbait ... was out there for about 3 hours (12-3pm) and here's what I caught ... The...
  6. Kayak Fishing Anglers
    Fished Saturday morning from 6 am - 11:45 am at the Bay Bridge. Launched from the east side and started looking for spot at the shallow pilings. They were everywhere! I was using night crawlers that I had left over from a fishing trip with my nephew and fish bites, but it didn't matter, they...
1-6 of 6 Results