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  1. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    At the 11-5 joint meeting of SFAC and TFAC regarding shortfalls in commercial cost recovery, the SFAC voted down a motion to recommend that the commercial fishermen pay their own way like the recreational fishermen have been doing all along. CCA’s Shawn Kimbro showed them the way with an...
  2. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    At the 9/19 TFAC meeting on commercial cost recovery, Fisheries Director Tom O’Connell suggested that they might be able to lighten the commercial deficit with recreational Wallop-Breaux (W-B) funds. If you think this is a joke and that Tom would never do this to recreational fishermen, don’t...
  3. Chesapeake Angler - The Original- Maryland Angler
    Between 1994 and 2011, MD DNR diverted Wallop-Breaux funds from authorized recreational uses to unauthorized annual subsidies for the commercial striped bass industry. I have studied the following documents between DNR and the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) for 1994 and 2011: 1. Grant requests...
1-3 of 3 Results