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1/30/09 Atlantic Ocean Fishing Report
By Capt. Jim Brincefield d/b/a "Jil Carrie" Charter Fishing
Fishing daily from the wharf at Long Bay Pointe Bait & Tackle
Lynnhaven, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Phone (home) (252) 336-4296 / Boat (443) 336-8756
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Site:Capt

Today was our 2nd extreme long range deep drop trip of the 2009 campaign. Our Co-captain was Capt. Tim Cannon of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The 1st Mate was Justin Creef of Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The party was a walk on of 8 anglers.

The weather was good again today and the sea condition was excellent for January. We had a fantastic catch of obese Black Sea Bass - limiting out for all 8 anglers with 6 Virginia Weight Citations included. We had a bit of time left on the day so we went for some Blueline Tilefish and landed 25 plump, tasty specimens including 4 Virginia Weight Citations. Man, what a great bite!!! This sure is one world class fishery we have here in Virginia Beach.

We also caught another one of those rare Yellowfin Bass, 4 hideous Conger Eels, and our favorite catch - a bevy of Dog Sharks. Aaaaaahhhhhhh....the doggies..... JUST IN TIME FOR ANOTHER BIG BLOW - hold onto your hats!

[ pictures to follow ]

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A bevy ???? Lord - you leave Deale and start talking funny :D.

Now is a bevy more then a sh*tload ?
Less then a motherlode ? :pp

Awesome report - sounds like 8 very happy guys :thumbup:.

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:clapping2::clapping2::clapping2:A bevy seems about right!All I know is that we caught alot of fish.It was a very good class of fish that we were into.There was a strange group of characters on the boat.But then again the captains name is croakerhead. You just have to accept it.Conditions were perfect and capt. Jim always finds the fish!Now is the time to go---go get em! Thanks capt Jim! Danny
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