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All I can say is WOW!

201 fish between 3 anglers, Kenny Clark & Steve (The Beast) Mote.

Launched from Lynnhaven at daybreak, and just plain smoked 'em the rest of the day.

Last week I could not catch a fish over 26" with a total of 76. Yesterday was much different with 25% of the fish in the slot (28'-34"). We found some fish under birds throughout the day but they were fast moving and sporadic, the piling bite was better and came on strong towards dusk. I have never seen sea lice so thick on the fish, some had 20 of the parasites just on the tail. Very few boats...

Best Spot: The deep pilings just north of the 2nd island. On the inside of the ocean span somebody spray painted the first 23 pilings. The bite was hot between piling 17-24 in 55' feet of water.

Best Lure: The best lure by far was "The Bug" (specializedbaits.com) dressed with a 7" Opening Night Bass Assassin. If you fished the BA on a straight jig head you would catch 1/2 the amount of fish. I normally dress "The Bug" with a 5" Uncle Josh Pork Rind Striper Strip but today the deadly combo was found by "The Beast" who went up on me 10 fish before I switched over. 80% of our fish came on this combo. Using super glue on the BA was a must.

2nd Best Lure: 10" BKD, 1 1/2 oz jig head.

Where the Fish Weren't: Islands, tubes.

Kenny caught one tagged fish with a USFWS tag, details of the journey of the fish to come later.

One of my better days at the CBBT, one to remember.

Light traffic allowed us to make the run between Potomac River Bridge to Lynnhaven in less than 3 hours each way.
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