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yep, I covered allot of water today.

Out of Dundee at 8, picked up a fat 19 at my first spot, no marks or steady action, just a lone fish hanging out. Hit a few more humps etc but never a good amount of marks or pullage. Decided to give the Pat a try and ran into the Key bridge to see if I could find any of the fish others have found lately. Lots of trollers in there but no fish for the Dirty one. In a last ditch effort to find some steady action I ran all the way over to the Chester looking for the birds I saw last time. There were birds there but they were just milling around, marked bait under them but no rock.

Back home by 3 for my boy's first halloween, grandparents came over for some dinner and treats.

Great weather all day, water is cleaning up, WHEN IS THE FALL BITE GOING TO TURN ON!!!

Oh yeah, just read Jumbo1 is hording all the fish below the bridge!!!:clapping2::clap:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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