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Probably the last trip of the season to the canyons for me, unless the fishing gets really good again, but it was a pretty fun trip. I'll try to post pics after RichardTerp puts them up.

Anyway, we went to the 30 fathom lumps inside Washington with my bro-in-law and Joe on the Osprey hoping to catch the tail end of the awesome wahoo bite from the weekend prior. As soon as we get out, Osprey puts a 45lb. wahoo in the box. Thinking it is going to go off with wahoo again, but that was not the case. After a while, we all push out toward the tip of the canyon and we troll up and snap some pics of a pup mako (maybe 30lbs) before we put him back in the drink. Broke up the boredom a bit and those little makos are cool as heck.

Trolled the massive weed/sulfur lines and pulled some mahi off the balls. Not what we wanted to do, but decided to bail a few. They wouldn't even look at cut bait so we tried jigging and it definitely outproduced the chunks. Tired of the peanuts, we pushed back inshore trolling the wahoo spread to no avail.

Decided to move back out to 50 fathoms north of the canyon and put out a tuna/marlin spread. Good call! 5 minutes in we have ****** hooked up. Big mutha! Get her to the boat and pull her on board for a few pics. This fish was a pig! While the boys are taking pictures, I look back behind them in the water and there is another white one 2 ft. from the boat. Pitch him a bait as we toss the other one back but they swim off together. 20 minutes later another white one comes calling but we don't hook him up. 3 whites knocking on the door in 30 minutes is never bad... Trolled another 45 minutes before starting to head back inshore toward the barn. Reel Jackal found a big log and they were bailing so we stopped to "help". Another good call...

First drop BoomTown hooks a screamer. Big mahi? Nope, we get color and it is a 45-50lb. wahoo on a Butterfly jig. Light tackle spinning rod was a nice fight... Bring him up and he gets the steel. Lots of cheering and high fives for that one... Bailed a few more bigger mahi and head home.

Final tally for the last trip to the canyons in '08 included 4 different species, but where are the tunas???

1 for 3 on white marlin
1 - 45lb. wahoo
1 - released mako
15 - mahi
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