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Time for another Report!
The water and day were perfect for a excellent day of fishing as guests aboard Tommy A's boat. Tommy,Hal,Adam, and Myself headed from Shalotte inlet at day break on a high tide. The shallowest water we had leaving shalotte inlet was 7.5 feet around 200yds outside the inlet. just a word of caution:Dead Low tide would be iffy at best if you draft more than 2.5 ft.
We headed out on a slick calm ocean one of those erie almost spooky calm mornings for the 60+ride out to the 100-400 -- Blackjack area. After a very nice ride out it was lines in the water and from there on the action was almost non stop except for a lull in the action just in time for a short lunch. We had three three or four line hook ups with dolphin and I wish I could have taken pictures of the line crossing going on. Everyone kept there cool and all chances for a big fur ball were
not a factor. We ended up the day with 11 Dolphin, 1 Wahoo, 1King, 1 sail fish
leaderd at the boat and 8-10 short strikes. No tuna at all. Water temps from 74.3 - 77.81 NE of the 100-400. With all the multiple hook ups and keeping the salad off the baits(lots of scattered weeds) we didnt have much time for photo. Here is one on the way out and one at the dock. Tight lines Mark Hot colors (Blue head b/w)(Silver head p/b)( and the mystery color which we will keep under wraps for now untill we try it a few more times! )

On the way out Erie Smooth:

Days keep:
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