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chili powder
Miracle Whip
corn chips
bowl deoderizers
corn flakes
flour tortillas
canned gr chilis
feta cheese
rye flour
red onion
4 ft dbl flourescent fixture
fish emulsion
rake handle
baking soda
felt battery post washers
bird seed
baby aspirin
SAE 30
truck air filter
5/32 chain saw files
diet drink mix
spinal cord unit-books n mags
med records release form at Central Registration
Montana Gold Bakery
Northern Tool
Southern States Sandston
shoe Megs horse Chase
RR ties
bacon at Stewarts
plant onions
call bro

Man I love it. Up at 4:30, I can sit here with coffee, smoke, poker face, and stare at monitor. Copied some of list on here; came up with other stuff I couldnt remember but knew I needed on The List. Printer a beautiful thing, run a copy.

What a moon, really light out. Can see black dogs in "dark."

Ol lady havin a cat. Found life-size beaver taking up desktop wallpaper. No sharp teeth on this one no matter how much I look. Critter musta shaved too. HC, that was a first rate e-mail man. Ben N. Carcerated was breathing heavy over my shoulder, told him no drooling.

Man this java is some real swill again. :mad:

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Nope different Meg but believe you'd agree this one is very very pleasing to the eye. Fishman 78 can vouch but may have to reserve judgement if wifey should look in, as mine does. I'll tell this one you said hi anyway. I have been thowing myself at her for 9 yrs now but a cat named Aaron is in the way. Unfortunately I like Aaron too, it really puts a cramp on my style and any game I had regarding procuring some top shelf rascadango. An American Indian with a mohawk who's a doctor, How am I gonna have game goin' up against that? This is, of course, assuming she likes bald men with a gut what has no social graces and is crude all-around. I figgered my rugged good looks would offset some of that but comes a time to be realistic with myself. She's not deserving of me nor I her.
When I look at it that way I say what a mutt, I am meant for better things. Why settle for a 10 when there might be an 11, ya know?

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Layla shot out a huge egg for Daddy this morning. Thats my girl. That chikkin has done did more for me than 3/4 of the wimmen I been around, if ya fergit the sleepin with em part. Not that Layla has rejected my advances or anything, I just havent pressed the point. I've gotten a lot pickier since puttin down the bottle.
I'm off to try set a record for # of people cussed at a V.A. hospital in one day. You ladies all take care.

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1 gal. jar Kosher Dills
Smoked oysters
Kitty Litter
Beef Jerky
Latex Gloves
Frank's Red Hot Wing Sauce
Oyster Knife
Latex Paint
Peanut oil
and don't forget...........Udder Balm

Jeff Gordon is gay.UFC is for sissies.Tony stewart rocks.I like to fish.

"I hired you boys to get a little track laid, not jump around like a bunch of Kansas City Fraggots"
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