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Yesterday the bite was good as we landed 13 "overs" up to 42 inches and had 4 other bites we did not land. The bite today was not just good, it was great!!!!!

We had a little later than normal start, my party did not show until 6:30 but our late start did not hurt us. On my first pass acroos we had 3 bites and landed 2 of them. From then on all hell broke loose and for the next hour and a half we "burned their ass." We had 4 fish hooked up at once on three seperate occasions. And even rods that had not been catching produced today. All in all I counted 25 bites with 21 fish landed, all nice "overs" except one nice chunky "under". Our heaviest fish went 36 lbs and our longest fish went 44 inches. This was all done in a matter of one & a half hours. My party saw that the seas were building and had tired arms so we headed for home.

This colder weather seems to be bunching the fish up more, which means many more multiple hook ups in the next few weeks. All of the fish we cleaned were loaded with bait, so that is a good sign that there is plenty of food still here in our area. This should keep the Trophy fish in our area for the next few weeks. And if they move south, the MISS SUSIE will be fishing from Point Lookout. So either way we have it covered.

For all those interested next week, Capt. Andrew Turner on my other boat FIN FINDER is working on a walk on trip for Monday (24th) and Tuesday(25th). Right now we have 3 guys for Monday and 3 for Tuesday. We need 3 more for each day to make it happen. The weather looks good, and the fish a biting, so contact me ASAP if you are interested at the number below. And don't worry about the cold temps. The FIN FINDER is 46 ft in length and has a spacious heated cabin. Capt. Andrew Turner has been on the water every day for the past two and a half weeks, he knows where the fish are and how to catch them.

No pics from the boat today, I left my camera in the truck today. Enjoy the two pics from yesterday and the one pic from the dock today.



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1 1/2 hours man thats impressive.........the bunched up part is the part that I like...maybe some gannets mixed in and we have a "Party"......:clap:
thanks for the report Greg...keep smokin'em.........
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