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We departed Solomons just after 6am and we had all of our lines set by 7:30 AM. Shortly after setting our lines the action started, with two solid fish around 37 inches in the box. On our second pass two more Trophies made their way to the ice box. Within 30 minutes we put or 5th Trophy Striper in the box. Now it was time for catch and release, while searching for BUBBA. We only needed one more trophy to complete our limit, so for the next 3 hours we picked our way to an excellent day. Their were a few little spurts where we had 2, 3 or 4 fish on at a time. The crew decided to call it a day at 11:30 with very tired arms. Our tally for the morning was 25 bites and 21 fish landed. 19 of the 21 fish were 35 inches plus, two were 27.99 inches (nice little bonus). The bites were spread out today and evenly distributed between deep/short lines and long lines and planar board lines. Color did not seem to matter at all. We did even catch a few fish on my deepest line which has not been doing that well. The warmer weather here and there should keep the fish and bait in our reach from Solomons thru at least Christmas. If things do shift south, the MISS SUSIE will be fishing from Point Lookout. So either way we got the fish covered. Enjoy the few pics I snapped today.

Saturday Dec. 20th is now a walk on trip.......

Tfers Skip B and his son, along with Joe (Fish Stories) will account for the first three walk ons. So we just need 3 or 4 more guys and we have a full crew. The fish seem to be schooling more and more every day and by next weekend it should be "bird show" time. Don't miss your chance to see multiple rods loaded up with big fish while Gannets crash the surface, call me ASAP to reserve your slot.

We will most likley be departing from Solomons next Saturday, possibly Point Lookout if that is where the action is. 6 am will be our departure time. The MISS SUSIE is a 44ft Bay Built with a large, enclosed, heated cabin.

Thanks and Happy Holidays,


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