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Fished both days in the same area from # 8 up to #11

Pulled- 2- 6" shad behind mojos short and deep
2- 4" shad on a three way
and one wwb (I switched between tandem buctails and a stretch 25 on the wwb)

On Saturday switched colors and sizes sevral times to no avail ...Trolled for about 5 hours

On Monday got out early...lines in by 6AM.... it was still dark..Just as the last line went out the 4" shad got hit and bent the rod in half...head began to shake and then it shook loose.

I have not seen a rod bend like that since fishing in the ocean @ VB.... shortly after that I picked up two 19" fish that wre released

This was the end to my season

Enjoy the last couple of days on the river...Hope to get down to VB a couple of times this winter

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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