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Not much to report, really. I went for an hour in my souped-up Pickerel research vessel.
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My mom, who used to fish but hadn't in years, wanted to give it a try, so she got to try out the front seat (thanks to John V. for letting me test out the stadium seat...worked great, I'm told!).

The action was very, very slow....I had only one follow using a gulp stick bait. I gave my mom an ultrlight with a 4" shad assasin (electric chicken...what else?:D). We did see some nice wildlife.
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At last, it was time to motor back home. I told my mom to try one more cast towards a fallen tree, which she did without any strike. Then, as we motored past, she told me that if it's such a great spot, she should cast one more time. Before I knew it, her rod was doubled over with what I thought was a snag before it started taking line. After an exciting fight, into the canoe came a very chunky Pickerel in the 22"-23" class. She was shocked and thrilled...she didn't expect these fish to look so huge (and neither did I....but I didn't say that;-)). So, even though that was our only fish, my dad called me this morning to tell me that she's still talking about it and wants to get back into fishing again.

Mission accomplished.

P.S.: No pic of the fish because she refused to hold it. One step at a time.....

P.P.S.: A fly guy told me he is catching more Yellows than he's seen in a while. Most are around 9" but he said some are huge. While we talked, he landed a very fat one of about 9-10".:thumbup:

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Awesome getting your mom out in a canoe- in winter :yes: -WOW.

Bet I know where you will be fishing the 1st :D - hope that Pike comes back for a photo :thumbup:.

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R/V Little Goose looks great, Jeff! Good show for your Mom & the EC BA. Wildlife not bad either.

Daughter Kelly & I went on a (visual) swan hunt on 12/26--about 170 of 'em between the Aisquith Bar & Ringgold Cove--the most I've seen here since the late '70's. Wind was down, but the sky was gray & the river cold (39-40 everywhere we looked). Kelly caught a 9" white perch in Ray's Pond on a 1/4-oz. X-Rap. It struck as she twitched it after a pause. I'm starting to believe in suspending plugs for winter work.

Best, JPW
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