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12-29 crushed em! Nice citation stripers!

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Today, I had Chip Yost and his group aboard for a full day. I woke up and looked at the tide and the weather forecast and saw perfect conditions for eeling this morning. Tide was just right at the perfect time. Wind was exactly where it needs to be for my spot and the water clarity was nice. Chip does some fishing and wanted to give the eeling a try. So we went up north to the same old spot and as soon as we got there it was on. Within minutes we were hooked up on a double. Every drift produced multiple bites and in less than an hour, we were limited out on some hogs. Most fish were in the high thirty pound 42-45 inch range with a 49 inch 44 pound cow rockfish and a 50 inch 46 pound cow rockfish thrown in for good measure. The 46 pound fish probably would have weighed in well over 50 pounds, but she threw up about 20 eels at the back of the boat. We even released a couple of 40 plus pound fish so that they could add some release citations to their weight citations. I would imagine the eight fish we brought home were over three hundred pounds in combined weight. Incredibly good fishing today.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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