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Sorry to see that it has come to you having to offer a reward. I wonder if they thought it out or even care if someone gets hurt? Speaking for the HO community who you have taken the time to educate on the water, shared your experiences with, and helped with cutting the learning curve down substantially, THANKS. Hope it works out for you. You surely don't deserve this.
Well said. Why someone has such an axe to grind I have no idea . To attack objects is cowards way out. How can one man's HO'ing cause an industry to shut down in these barren ecpnomic times so if that logic is true if I am car pooling, and walking places is causing the Big 3 to go broke, or keeping my pennies in a jar at home is causing the banking industry to go broke and not using my credit card is causing the credit crisis.
1 - 3 of 118 Posts
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