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2/7/09 Extreme Deep Drop Fishing Report

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2/7/09 Atlantic Ocean Fishing Report
By Capt. Jim Brincefield d/b/a "Jil Carrie" Charter Fishing
Fishing daily from the wharf at Long Bay Pointe Bait & Tackle
Lynnhaven, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Phone (home) (252) 336-4296 / Boat (443) 336-8756
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Site:Capt

Today was our 3rd extreme long range deep drop trip of the 2009 campaign. Our Co-captain was Capt. Tim Cannon of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The 1st Mate was Justin Creef of Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The party was a private charter for Mr. Ramon Kent plus 4 add ons from our walk on list for a total of 12 anglers. Also aboard today for the offshore fishing action was a special guest - pro golfer extraordinaire - Mr. Tiger Woods (see below pictures).

Our plan for today was to try some obscure spots to avoid the onslought of the inevitable Saturday unwashed masses bound for the more popular locations. Several of these were new to me spots and some worked out, but most didn't. There is a whole lot to be said for the old reliable places. But I was worried that by the time we would get there they would be covered up. At any rate, thanks to the crew for putting up with my Don Quixote act.

The weather was decent today and the sea condition were favorable, especially in the morning. Winds and seas built by mid day and by the afternoon it was a bit breezy and choppy. We had a good catch of corpulent Black Sea Bass - a grand total of 154 keepers including 5 VA Weight Citations. The largest Black Sea Bass landed on the day was 5 pounds 11 ounces which was leading the big fish pool until we caught a surprise 12 pound Monkfish! Man, those are ugly fish with a mouthful of wicked teeth - but great eating. What a great fish to win the big money pot with!

After Sea Bassin' we tried a few Blueline Tilefish spots but between the stiffening breezes and the strong currents we were having trouble holding bottom and of course, the Dawg Sharks were so thick it was a bit discouraging. We had several rookies on the trip who (under the circumstances) did great! Ralph, Earl, and The Car Salesman especially enjoyed the trip. Can't say they caught much but they frequently uttered their bellowing encouragement from down below. I think our good friend Kidney Bean has, at last, met his match.

We also caught another a handful of Justin's favorite - the hideous Conger Eels. Just a note on these trips - right now there is a ton of cranking between the Dawg Sharks, the frequent resets, and the strong catches - bring your "A" game aboard. Your arms are gonna go home aching. We still have several spots left for Tuesday's trip if you would like to join us!


[ pictures to follow ]
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Jim, those pics have me chompin' at the bit for tomorrow. Looking forward to it!
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