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Well, had a another great 2 Day Trip from P.A. Went out Monday at 10 AM, lines in by 11:30 AM, putting the 3rd rod out and had our first run. Had a buddy onboard from P.A. Ben's first time Saltwater fishin Trip grabed the rod and held on, it was a 39"- 36 LBER. We were fishin the 3 mlie line off Cape Charles light house area, the water temp was 46.7 degrees. Ben had reeled in all but 1 Rock, totaling 8 Rocks in the Boat and lost 4 in 2 hours. Smallest Rock was 31 LBS and the Biggest was 39.8 LBs that Measured 40", the one Ben didn"t reel in.

Tuesday was just as fun, totaling 7 Hook ups, the Biggest being 36 LBS. I'm been Fishin in 25' to 30' of 46+ degree water, freelining 25" behind the Borad, :oops:, I mean bobber. Being Ben's First Salt Trip, I'm sure I have a traveling buddy now from P.A. Will post Pic's later as Ben had to take my Cam. to show off his catch.

Can't wait for the next 2 Day weather window.
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