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Been awhile since I have posted a report but here goes...

Headed for the shoals on Saturday around 330 and fished until ten. Had 3 hookups two of which were lost and one 44 inch drum was landed. Trip was cut short when we lost the anchor and took on enough water to soak the two of us and the dog. Gave it another whirl on my boat on Sunday with a four man crew. fished until 11pm and landed a total of twelve fish with 8 of the twelve being citations. smallest fish caught all day was 44inches and the largest was 51. had a great time and two of my friends had never been drum fishing so it was nice to land a few and also get them both citations. anchored in 3 feet of water and the water temp was 61.5. couldnt of asked for a calmer ride over or back on a 17foot center console yest. smooth as glass. And a big thanks to Capt Pete! Food Marine invertebrates Fin Seafood Fish
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