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Fisheries and Habitat of Tidal Waters
* HB 1656 Menhaden fishing; prohibited in waters adjacent to certain localities.
* HB 1689 Pound net licenses; prohibits Marine Resources Commission from issuing in waters of Chesapeake Bay.
* HB 1712 Fishing in interjurisdictional waters; person subject to laws of jurisdiction.
* HB 1723 Virginia Marine Resources Commission; permits for encroachment on subaqueous beds.
* HB 1724 Crab dredging season; Virginia Marine Resources Commission to adjust opening or closing dates.
* HB 1886 Crabbing area; clarifies boundaries where taking or catching is prohibited.
* HB 1913 Menhaden fishing; prohibits from taking with purse nets in Rappahannock River & its tributaries.
* HB 1944 Public oyster ground; increases amount of time MRC is required to post public notice before closing.
* HB 2126 Wetland mitigation banks; removes references to an outdated map used to identify.
* HB 2165 Menhaden fishing; MRC to assess fee for those caught with purse net.
* HB 2166 Summer flounder; MRC to adopt regulations that establish size limits for commercial fishermen.
* HB 2186 Chesapeake Bay crab meat; containers should include at least 51% by weight, crab taken from Bay.
* HB 2263 Commercial fisheries; provides for state and local tax, regulatory relief, and preservation thereof.
* SB 765 Menhaden fishery; directs MRC to adopt regulations to implement Interstate Fishery Management Plan.
* SB 850 Hunting; allowed on Sundays.
* SB 963 Aquaculture opportunity zones; removes authority of MRC to establish commercial shellfish zones.
* SB 964 Coastal resource management; Marine Resources Commission, et al., to develop integrated guidance.
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