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Species1st (3pts)2nd (2pts)3rd (1pt)
Bluefish2.94 - NAC2.90 - GBFA2.04 - NAC
Cobia51.52 - GBFA
Croaker1.34 - NAC1.32 - TF1.14 - PAC
Flounder3.98 - NAC3.58 - NAC3.44 - CVSFA
Gray Trout1.68 - TF1.22 - TF
Red Drum4.00 - TKAA3.84 - TKAA3.76 - TKAA
Roundhead.82 - VBAC.80 - TKAA.80 - CVSFA
Seabass3.26 - TF3.00 - TF2.50 - TF
Sheepshead13.28 - TKAA12.36 - TKAA11.62 - TKAA
Spadefish2.78 - TKAA2.78 - TKAA2.72- GBFA
Spanish Mack1.56 - NAC1.40 - NAC1.26 - NAC
Speck Trout2.52 - TKAA2.34 - TKAA1.90 - TKAA
Spot.50 - TKAA.42 - PAC.40 - TKAA
Triggerfish2.90 - TKAA2.88 - VBAC2.80 - NAC
[TH]2013 Anglers Club Challenge
Species Results[/TH][/TR]

1Tidewater Kayak Anglers Association (TKAA)32 pts
2Norfolk Anglers Club (NAC)19 pts
3Tidalfish (TF)13 pts
4Great Bridge Fishermans Association (GBFA)6 pts
5Virginia Beach Anglers Club (VBAC)5 pts
6Portsmouth Anglers Club (PAC)3 pts
7Central Virginia Sport Fishing Association (CVSFA)2 pts
8Tidewater Anglers Club (TAC)0 pts
[TH]2013 Anglers Club Challenge
Team Results[/TH][/TR]

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As an executive board member of TKAA, I wanted to thank all of you for showing your support of our win. Sorry if we got a little excited there, but it was a goal of ours this year. We will see if we can defend it next year. Congrats to all who participated and a huge thank you to everyone that volunteered and all the sponsors for their donations to such a worthy cause. I enjoyed the heck out of this event. Already looking forward to next year!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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