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We pulled my buddy's 25' caralina classic down friday to leave it for a few months at Teach's lair. Got it in the water and docked for the first trip to the blue water for it's new owner.
We ran into two friends that night that had came down with a smaller boat. Did take much to talk them in to leaving there's on the trailor and going with us sat. morning.
We left the dock just before dark and found the sea's were going to give us a nice ride out.
Headed north and put lines in at the 280 along with everyone else.
The bite was slow to say the least. Noone was getting many hit's. Worked up to the 385 in 50 fantons before we got a the first knock down. it was 11:45. Had 4 on got 3 yft in the boat. Started getting the lines back in and had 3 on before we could get them all in. Had one on the spreader bar till a mako took him and two more squids off it. Had something big hooked up on a gold 80 and almost spooled it before it pulled off.
Ended up with 8 yft and lost 4. Dont know what the state record is but i seen a 104 lbs. woo at the dock.
Great first trip. everyone had a ball. Cant wait to get back in a couple a weeks.
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