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320 reel info

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Some of you guys who run 320's, this is some info that I happened to run across that I thought you might be interested in (some of you may already know about it, but I didn't). I'm not advertising; I just happened to run across this; hope this helps. Here goes.
Change made to the 320:
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Full Size Image(Pop-Up) Design Change for 320GT Worm/Line Guide System
Sold_By: EA

Fits Penn Model Number: 320GT
PRICE: $25.80

Part Availability And/Or Design Notes
320GT Reel

Redesign of Worm/Line Guide System.

Penn redesigned the worm, line guide and bearings, replacing the design on the original run of reels (early 1980s).

The most distinguishing feature is the BLACK PLASTIC LINE GUIDE.
The second is that the older 50-320 worm shield was closed off on the ends, using in different bearings than the newer reels. Both version use the same pawl #47-975.

Original Parts:

42-320 Worm
43-320 Right Side Worm Bearing
44-320 Left Side Worm Bearing
46-320 Line Guide Carriage (Black Plastic)
48-320 Pawl Cover Screw
50-320 Worm Shield
69B-50 Retaining Ring (Worm Shaft) New Design Parts:

42-320N Worm
43-330 Right Side Worm Bearing
44-330 Left Side Worm Bearing
46-320N Line Guide Carriage (Metal)
48-330N Pawl Cover Screw
50N-320 Worm Shield
36-700 worm shaft nut

To Order Complete New System:
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Design Change for 320GT Worm/Line Guide System

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