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Got the rig out for her second voyage
All went well, very happy with the new ride

Left out off Tapp bout 10Am
Lots of folks pulling catfish out of Hoskins creek from the bank

Rolled up on the the NE side of the powerlines
lots of wind & tide fighting each other

Moved over to the SW side of the powerline
8ft of water bout 11:00Am
Wind was much more foregiving there
Pulled in 30 Croaker in about 2hrs
Rapp Sandwiches worked the best
Using Mr J's gold hook technique

Can't wait to make it out to the flounder

Can anyone suggest someone to do the 1st time bottom paint?
Quoted 800 bucks from Amiss Marine in Aylett
think that is a bit high for a 22' WA

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Try Mid Atlantic. They did mine when i bought it. Looked good, and they have been very good to deal with.
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