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Was tough today, was thinking they would be on:yawn: hit 4 spots they have been lately,oxbows 6-9 FOW... no luck..thought they would be shallower... ended up finding them deeper ..15 fow!! caught 7 biggest was 11.5 " thought for awhile I wasnt going to be able to fight the skunk off, O lol and heres the whopper...:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Met an ol' timer said he caught a 2lb 4oz speck in the blackwater! not recently but still...My biggest river speck is 1lb 6oz, far from citation ....Think ill be keeping my trips close to home unless tuesdays storm makes the river rise too much.

Cant let B/M spoil me with a 3rd citation, would like another 2+lber from a river:yes:


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