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Went to a buddy's private pond in Suffolk Saturday 4-23. Two of us caught nearly a hundred specks. Kept 40 to 14.5". Caught most slow trolling 3/16 oz jigheads with candy corn colored panfish assassin baby shads. Caught a few on topwater crankbaits while trying for bass. Also caught them on Pearl flukes while going for bass after we had our fill of crappie. All specks were very skinny, but when we cleaned them, almost all were females with roe in them and stomachs were completely empty. The pond doesn't seem to have much in the way of baitfish. Probably because the bass are so large and plentiful. 2 seven pounders caught in the last 2 trips. Much larger ones seen chasing what must be one pound crappie. I will post pics if someone here would be so kind as to tell me how to from my I-Phone.
Keep em tight.


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