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Annual 2006 Big Cat Shootout

Presented by The Delaware River Fishermen's Association
Questions: Contact Steven Raulfs - [email protected]

Date: Saturday June 03, 2006 Time: 7:00 AM till 3:00 PM
Check-in & Weigh-in Site: Frankford Arsenal boat Ramp. Located on State Road, in Philadelphia Pa.
This is a PA Fish Commission Ramp.

Free to Launch, No Alcohol permitted.

Captains meeting @ Dicks Sporting Goods Store @ Franklin Mills Mall.

Boat Check: 5:30 AM till 6:45 AM

Weigh In: 1:00 PM till 3:00 PM

Entry Fee: $100.00 per Boat (max. 4 anglers)

Lunker Option: $10.00 per boat

Late Entries: $110.00 per boat after 6/01/06

Payout: Based on 150 boat entries

1st Place - $5000.00 2nd Place - $3000.00 3rd Place - $2000.00 4th Place - $1000.00 5th Place- $600.00 6th Place- $400.00

Rules and Regulations:

Captain's Meeting - There will be a mandatory Captain's Meeting , Friday, June 2nd, at 7:00 PM at Dicks Sporting Goods in the Franklin Mills Mall. One angler from each boat must attend and will receive a (3) part numbered boat pass. Failure to attend the Captain's Meeting will result in disqualification and loss of entry fee. No entries will be accepted after the Captain's Meeting.
Entry Fee- Entry fee is by boat only. Entry fee is $100.00 per boat if paid on or before June 1st, 2006. Entry fee after June 1st, 2006 will be $110.00. Late entry fees must be cash only, and will be accepted at the Captain's Meeting. No entries accepted after Captain's Meeting.
Fishing by Boat Only - Maximum amount of anglers per boat limited to four. There will be no fishing off of docks, riverbanks, etc. Entries must check in prior to fishing. Boat checks will begin at 5:30 AM. All boats must be in the water at the time of check-in (not on trailer.) Failure to do so will result in possible disqualification. NO FISHING PERMITTED PRIOR TO Official Release [ blast off ].
Boat Inspection- Each boat, prior to starting , MUST be inspected by a tournament official. The "Boat Check" portion of your Boat Pass will be collected by a Tournament Official after the inspection is completed.
Safety-All participants should be equipped with Coast Guard Approved Safety Equipment. THERE IS NO WEATHER DAY-CAPTAIN AND CREW FISH AT THEIR OWN RISK ! Each competitor is liable, by his signature on this document, to a polygraph test, in the event of a suspected violation. All decisions made by tournament officials regarding rules, regulations and eligibility of fish are final. Good sportsmanship will be appreciated.
Tournament Start-After boat check, you may proceed to your fishing grounds.
Return Pass - Upon your return, the "Return" portion of your boat pass must be collected prior to 3:00 p.m. by a tournament official.
Weigh-In-Catfish must be alive to be eligible for weigh-in. Weigh-in station will open at 12 Noon. You must turn in the "Weigh-In" portion of your Boat Pass to Weigh-In. All fish must be weighed in no later than 3:00 PM. Maximum amount of live catfish weighed in is limited to (3) per boat. You may weigh in ONLY once. Each fish weighed in counts toward the tournament. THERE WILL BE NO SUBSTITUTIONS. All weighed in fish will be immediately released by tournament officials. In the event of a tie, the heaviest lunker for the tied teams will determine the winner. If still tied, the prize will be evenly split.
Scoring-Tournament standings and final winners will be determined by the combined weight of (3) LIVE catfish weighed in per boat.
Lunker Pool: $10.00 per boat to enter. One Hundred percent of collected lunker money will be paid in cash to the team entering the heaviest single live catfish. In the case of a tie, the lunker pool will be split.


Money Orders Only (No Checks) Make payable and send to: D.R.F.A., 3315 Belgreen Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19154 PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY:

Will you launch at Frankford Arsenal Ramp? ________ Date: ___________

Captain: ____________________________________ Entry Fee $ ____ Lunker Pool - YES ___NO___

Street: ____________________City: __________________ State ________ Zip Code_________

Phone: (Bus.) (____)___________ (Home)(_____)__________EmailAddress:_______________________

Boat Registration #___________

By signing below, I hereby state that I have read in full, do understand, and agree to be bound by all rules and state laws governing this tournament. I also agree to abide by any and/or all on-site Rules and Regulations that may be deemed necessary by the tournament officials. By signing this application, I do hereby declare I will indemnify and hold harmless all other contestants, the host, Frankford Arsenal Ramp, The Delaware River Fishermen's Association, and sponsors from any and all claims for injury and/or damage that may occur, or may be incurred in conjunction with this tournament.

SIGNATURE: _________________________ PLEASE PRINT NAME: _________________

(Signer must be 21 years of age.)

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