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Not much to report. It was dead flat out to the islands and then all hell broke loose sending us back into the river to hide, we were gonna fish the wrecks.. We looked all over hell and 1/2 of the bay for where the perch went and damn if we could find them. Last week they were holding in 12-18' of water, this week, not a mark in the same places we were last week according to the GPS. Even one of the locals said that he hadn't seen any on his trips in and out of the river. The water temps were 68.9 to 73.5, the higher temps were in 2-4' of water, the lower temps were in the mouth of the river and into the bay itself. Found another place t try in a few weeks when the Specks show up en masse.

I got 2 perch and a dead sunfish in the cast net. Yes, I said dead, it was big and smelled like bloody hell.

Our view leaving the harbour.
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