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We fished two days of catch & release and the first three days of the season
All out of Deale only headed north once most fish hit green two deep off downriggers
Biggest 45" smallest 36"
Want to learn how to run 20 some rods off planner boards and not tangle everything up
Ever use downriggers (We have caught a lot of fish off these)
We'll show you how to do it just like the pros
We're running trips out of Deale until end of May
Leaving daily at 6:00 am
500.00 up to six people walk on trips also available 100.00 a person
The boat is a 33 ft. Catamaran tournament fishing edition with restroom fast and handles rough water very well
For more detailed fishing reports and information go to Thrillseeker Fishing Adventures on Facebook
Capt. Larry holds a Master Captains License and Bay Guide License
Call 410-977-6968 image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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